How to Vote

Chicago voters have two ways to cast ballots:

  • marking a paper ballot
    • On Election Day, the voter inserts the paper ballot into a ballot scanner
    • For Voting By Mail, a team of election judges insert the mailed ballot into a ballot scanner
  • using a touchscreen voting machine 
    • when you have completed voting, the machine prints out a paper ballot that the voter inserts in a ballot scanner on Election Day and during Early Voting

Both balloting systems provide verifiable paper trails for all ballots cast.

Click here for instructions on using both balloting systems

Click here for 'How to Vote' demonstration videos


Voters Bill of Rights

No matter what, you have a right to:

  1. Cast your ballot without interference.
  2. Vote if you are in line by 7:00 p.m.
  3. Go to your home precinct and present IDs on election day to (a) register to vote or (b) update your registration, and then cast a ballot if you have not voted already at this election.
  4. Vote at your old polling place if you moved less than 31 days before the election.
  5. Get help voting from the election judges or from an eligible relative or friend.
  6. Use endorsements, sample ballots, or notes while voting.
  7. Protect the secrecy of your ballot.
  8. Check your ballot choices and correct any mistakes.
  9. Have your ballot counted fairly and impartially.
  10. Have your young child with you in the voting booth.

If any of these rights are violated, call Election Central on Election Day at 312-269-7870.
Before Election Day during Early Voting, call 312-263-1394.